You shame my intelligence, as if it’s something I should apologize for.

You tell me I’m demanding, because I know what I deserve & refuse to settle for less.

You say I’m too articulate, because I speak words you do not yet comprehend.

You tell me I’m too serious, because I don’t laugh at your offensive jokes.

You say that I’m no fun, because I like to stay in on the weekends.

You say that I’m a prude, because I’m in control of my sexuality…and I refuse to share it with anybody.

I say you’re ignorant, ignorant because you think I actually owe you explanations for any of this.

I say you’re immature, because a reasonable man would think twice before shaming a woman for her values.

I say you’re not even a man, you silly child, and you are not even worthy of a spot in my life.